wafybYes, both ways of blogging can earn you money. Whether you want to create your own website or you want to write articles for people who own sites, you can still earn from them. But what will really earn you more is by creating your own! Other than working for other people, you can learn how to create your own blog then actually make your own blog, and then earn all for yourself! This is one thing that they don’t teach when you learn how to create your own blog. They always say that you can use this skill to work for other people or create your own. They also tell you that both will keep you earning but what they don’t tell you is creating your own blog site will earn you two to three times more than working for someone.

How so? There may be expenses in the beginning of creating your own blog like domain rent and many more but it is very positive that the earnings will be more than your expenses. In fact, every year you will only get to spend fifty dollars at most and your earnings can be fifty dollars at least per month.

Learn How To Make A Blog With The Help Of Internet

With the technologies that we have today and the ones that we will have in the future, it for sure is really easy to learn almost everything. If you want to learn how to make a blog, then just find the right kind of technology for you. Let us use for example the use of internet. There are so many uses for internet and most of the time it is used for connecting people that are separated by oceans and distance. Just like the social media sites nowadays, they connect people and let them communicate even though they are far from each other.

You can also use the internet to learn how to make a blog or maybe watch tutorials about it. There are many ways how you can use the internet and you can also use it to learn. When making a blog, you can get a lot of help from good resources. All the possible helps that you may need are in the internet and if you think self-study is not enough then you can search for forums that are made up of bloggers that help one another. Or, maybe you can look for courses online that will give you a step by step lesson.

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  1. Stephanie Herrera

    Everything I needed to learn, I learned online. I have not started blogging yet but I am pretty sure it won’t be difficult since there are many websites that I can count on for when it comes to setting up a blog. This particular one has been a big help! Thank you!


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