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Featuring such activities as knot-tying (bikini strings), swimming (skinny dipping with a cooler of beer) and calisthenics (running from bears), Camp Moosehead swings into session for the months of June and July. This latest promotion from Moosehead beer, with POS materials that include a 6-foot Camp Moosehead “counselor” decked out in the predominant camp colors of khaki and forest green, and wearing a Camp Moosehead T-shirt, hat, khaki shorts and hiking boots.

Moosehead, Canada’s oldest brewery, is located in St. John, New Brunswick, and is distributed in the US by The Gambrinus Company, San Antonio.

St. Pauli Girl

pgSt. Pauli Girl invites retailers to score a hole-in-one with a new summer promotion featuring a golf gear consumer sweepstakes and special mail-in offers for merchandise. The Gear Up for Golf sweepstakes asks consumers to answer five golf trivia questions, and those who answer all five correctly qualify for Taylor Made golf merchandise, including the grand prize of a golf tour bag and clubs. Golf enthusiasts can enter by calling 1-877-STPAULI, by logging on to the brand’s website (www.stpauligirl.com) or via mail-in coupon.

Consumers can also purchase Taylor Made and St. Pauli Girl golf merchandise via a mail-in offer at retail displays, or via the brand’s website. Items include golf caps, balls, towels and ball/tee kits. POS materials sport the image of Jaime, the 1999 St. Pauli Girl. St. Pauli Girl Lager, Dark and NA beers are brewed and bottled by the St. Pauli Brauerei in Bremen, Germany, and imported into the US by Chicago-based Barton Beers, Ltd.


Heineken USA (White Plains, NY) has launched a major marketing campaign targeted specifically at Hispanic Americans and sporting the tagline, No Cabe Duda (“There’s No Doubt About It”). Included are three TV spots, seven radio ads and outdoor signage. All feature Hispanic actors and Hispanic specific situations. Concurrently, a summer concert series, En Vivo, kicks off at the Puerto Rican jazz Festival, with shows in New York and Los Angeles featuring such Latino favorites as Cristian Castro and Ricky Martin.

The Hispanic push is part of a $42 million effort in media spending–or roughly double the figure spent in 1998–including TV advertising on NFL telecasts, sponsorship of the US Open Tennis Championships, and new packaging coordinated with a special promotion with New Line Cinema’s Austin Powers –The Spy Who Shagged Me starring Mike Myers. (See page 24.)

And in another ethnic-driven effort, Heineken celebrates Black Music Month in June with Heineken’s Lifestyle Sweepstakes. The contest will give consumers a chance to win a 1999 Ford Expedition, Philips home electronics and apparel from Phat Farm, one of the country’s hottest-selling urban labels. To enter, consumers need to name one city that Sky, the Heineken Lifestyles correspondent on the nationally syndicated Russell Simmons’ One World Music Beat show, visits during June.


The new top gun in the imported beer category is unique in that it is imported, distributed and marketed by two separate companies: The Gambrinus Company (San Antonio) to 25 eastern states, DC and the Caribbean; and Barton Beers, Ltd. (Chicago) to the rest of the US, primarily west of the Mississippi.

On tap for Corona are a new $13 million national TV campaign, and a summer promotion called Beer Isle, In addition to the ads, the Modelo brands utilize significant local marketing initiatives and sponsor the popular Jimmy Buffett concert tour. The 1999 plan also includes Hispanic market advertising with TV spots for the Corona and Modelo Especial brands.

Beer Isle, a Gambrinus initiative, includes loads of eyecatching POS, including inflatable Corona seaplanes, case cards, pole toppers and an expanded grocery display. The summer initiative will be supported by radio, TV and outdoor advertising.


The folks at Guinness Import Company (Stamford, CT) are hoping to recreate the pub experience in the beer aisle by introducing a new “floating draught system” in a can, designed to produce a “Perfect Pint of Draught Guinness”– identical to a pint served from the tap.

The new system is designed in the shape of a small ball–approximately half the size of a golf ball–which floats inside the can and can be heard moving around when pouring. The system is filled with a gas mixture of 75 percent nitrogen and 25 percent carbon dioxide. When the can is opened, the gas is released and a cascade effect takes place when the product is poured, giving Guinness its trademark white, creamy head and black body.

Dos Equis

Consumers can “let their tastes travel” this year by entering the Dos Equis Getaway Sweepstakes, offering 75 winners trips to Cancun, Mexico. The contest will be promoted on P05 materials reinforcing Dos Equis’ Mexican heritage and the “XX” logo of the brand. Images of Cancun and the new tagline for the brand– “Let Your Tastes Travel”–will be featured on case cards, Materials will be refreshed throughout the program with new images for the duration of the program.

Mail-in entry forms are available via tear pads at POS. Winners will be selected at random throughout the year, and will enjoy an all-expense-paid trip for two. The contest will run through December 31, 1999. Dos Equis is imported and marketed in the US by Norwalk, CT-based Labatt USA.


It’s “tee time” for Murphy’s Irish Stout and Irish Amber as the brands host the annual Murphy’s Irish Open golf tournament. One lucky consumer will win an 8-day, 7-night grand prize trip to the Emerald Isle this summer to watch the tournament and play in the Pro-Am.

Entry forms for the 1999 Swing With Murphy’s Irish Open Sweepstakes are available on case cards. Other themed POS and merchandise tied to the contest include Murphy’s golf balls, hats, tee packs, putters and a mini-golf game that can be set up at retail for consumers to really Swing With Murphy’s.


Another brand jumping on the golf gravy train is Beck’s, the leading German import. One Beck’s golf aficionado will have the chance to putt–live on national television–for a grand prize of $2 million Deutsche marks. (That’s over a million American greenbacks).

The Putt & Win national sweepstakes will culminate at the 10th annual NBC Sports Celebrity Golf Championship over the July 4 weekend. Beck’s is the official beer sponsor of the Lake Tahoe, NV event. In addition, Beck’s created a hint-filled, 24-page Guide to Golf, available at POS.

Beck’s North America of Greenwich, CT imports the Bremen brew.


If the hue of the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz reminds you of the golden tone of beer, then Foster’s Lager has a promotion for you in the Oz Experience, a sweepstakes that will escort winners on an adventure vacation

through Australia. Secondary prizes include Foster’s apparel.

Follow the oversized cardboard kangaroos, pole toppers and floor decals to the sweepstakes entry forms. The sweeps will run from mid-May through mid-September. Foster’s Lager is brought to American soil by Molson USA, Miller Brewing’s import unit.


The fastest-growing brand South of the Border for the last five years, Sol becomes available in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio this spring. The brand was introduced in Austin last spring, and in Southern California in 1998.

New outdoor ads featuring graphics of the brand’s sun icon and clear, long-neck bottle will accompany the launch in the three new Texas markets. Radio spots will run through September, while TV ads are also planned for the summer. POS will support Sol’s Texas expansion.


A recent consumer article reported that Tsingtao Beer had been out-produced by a rival Chinese brewer. Not so, says Tsingtao. It has been and remains the No. 1 beer in China and the No. 1 Chinese beer in the US.

It’s also the most recognized branded consumer product exported from China, which is to say a lot, since Chinese exports have grown mightily in recent years.


If the import beer market’s been multiplying like rabbits (having doubled during this decade), it’s appropriate that a new brew from abroad arrived in time for the Chinese calendar’s Year of the Rabbit.

Miller Brewing’s Martlet Importing subsidiary is bringing Shanghai Beer, brewed in–you guessed it, Shanghai–to the US, hoping to hop onto a hops heap traditionally dominated by Tsingtao. Kickoff markets include New York, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois, the world’s best-selling Belgian lager, is now available in the metro New York market. With a history that spans seven centuries, Stella Artois has become a classic European lager. Still brewed in the town of Leuven, Stella Artois is available in more than 60 countries. In the UK, where Stella Artois’ retail value falls just behind Pepsi, the golden lager is the No. 1 imported beer.

Labatt USA imports the brand.

Spanish Takes a ‘Damm’ Good Look at US

With Corona having overtaken Heineken as the United States’ top-selling imported beer, and South-of-the-Border stalwarts like Tecate and Dos Equis having successfully flowed north, are Americans ready for another Spanish-accented brew–particularly one that’s from nowhere near Mexico?

That’s exactly what they’re trying to figure out in Spain. Damm Brewery, a Barcelona-based producer, is moving into global markets in full force and finding success and profitability as an international competitor. It’s a challenge, but the rewards of internationalization, as the company is no doubt learning, are worth the effort many times over. Damm understands that at home, as well as on the road. In Spain, it is the local producer of Budweiser.

Spain, even in Europe, isn’t normally thought of as a font of beer. The Iberian nation has been long known for its excellent wines and sophisticated spirits, but its. brewing credentials are relatively obscure. Nevertheless, Spain trails only Germany and England as volume brewers in the European Union, having recently moved. ahead of traditional Continental powerhouses Austria, Belgium and Ireland.

Consumers around the world must be getting the message. Spanish beer exports grew by nearly 40 percent in 1997 Riding that tide, Damm, a dominant player in several regions of Spain, saw its sales rise by around 7 percent.

Damm’s enthusiasm for cracking the US–the big enchilada of export markets–will not be dampened. Exports director Edward Verbraeken, a Belgian who has worked on the Corona brand, indicates a US launch may be but a year away.,

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